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Plastic Cutting Service, Custom Die Cutting Capabilities

Colvin-Friedman Co. supplies precision custom die cut components for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our people have the knowledge and experience necessary to die cut sheet and roll stock including thin films and heavier gauge sheet stock. Although we specialize in plastics we can work with all non-metallic materials. We have a comprehensive array of state of the art equipment to handle your most demanding specifications.

Die Cutting ServicesColvin-Friedman Company stocks many materials including, Polyester, PETG, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, Mylar, Teflon and many other materials. We have the ability to die cut thin .001 film to .250 thick sheet in all shapes and sizes. We also provide contract-cutting services to handle customer supplied materials.

Die Cutting Equipment

  • 120 Ton Up Acting Platen Presses
  • 70 Ton beam presses capable of producing 45" wide fabricated parts
  • Traditional Punch presses for male/female die cutting
  • CNC High speed roll fed flat bed presses
  • Traveling head presses
  • Rotary die cutting, laminating and converting
  • Thermal Die cutting
  • Strip and Spot application of ½” – 1” wide transfer adhesive tapes to all plastic film, paper and board stock
  • An array of application specific presses, assembly and packaging equipment.

ToolingCustom Plastic Die Cutting

  • Rotary Dies
  • Laser steel rule dies
  • Male / Female


  • Hybrid/combination
  • Solid machined

Die CuttingWe have the knowledge experience and capability to offer special packaging and custom solutions for all of your die cutting needs.

We welcome simple short runs, prototype runs and long run projects. Also offering through exclusive representation custom injection molded plastic products.

Custom Die Cutting For The Following Parts

Air Conditioner Parts
Plastic Bases
Cork Discs
Felt Discs
Fibre Discs
Plastic Discs
Polyethelene Discs
Rubber Discs
Point of Purchase Displays
Adhesive Backed Gaskets
Cork Gaskets
Die Cut Gaskets
Felt Gaskets
Fibre Gaskets
Fishpaper Gaskets
Foam Gaskets
Neoprene Gaskets
Nylon Gaskets
Plastics Gaskets
Pressure Sensitive Gaskets
Rubber Gaskets
Teflon® Gaskets
Eye Guards
Display Hangers
Plastic Hangers
Sock Hangers
Helmet Parts

Battery Housings
Molded Plastic Housings
Die Cut Insulation
Fibre Insulation
Paper Insulation
Plastic Insulation
Rubber Insulation
Teflon® Insulation
Flashlight Lenses
Goggle Lenses
Helmet Lenses
Plastic Lenses
Polycarbonate Lenses
Die Cut Magnets
Eye Masks
Plastic Film
Plastic Materials
Sheet Protectors
Plastic Seals
Face Shields
Paint Shields
Terminal Shields
Plastic Shims
Electronic Spacers
Plastic Spacers
Fibre Stampings
Plastic Stampings
Collar Stays

Plastic Straps
Fibre Strips
Plastic Strips
Die Cut Tapes
Plastic Toy Parts
Plastic Trays
Die Cut Cellulose
Cork Washers
Felt Washers
Fibre Washers
Fishpaper Washers
Mylar® Washers
Neoprene Washers
Nylon Washers
Paper Washers
Phenolic Washers
Plastic Washers
Polyester Washers
Polyethelene Washers
Polypropylene Washers
Polyurethane Washers
PVC Washers
Rubber Washers
Teflon® Washers
Vulcanized Fiber Washers
Plastic Windows
And Many More.

Colvin-Friedman Products - Colvin-Friedman quality die cutting plastic

The process of die cutting plastic involves creating a custom die in the required shape, then using it to cut the finished shaped components out of flat plastic sheets. Die cutting is normally faster and more cost-effective than other cutting or trimming processes such as routing. Custom Die cutting service forces a flat plastic sheet against a cutting edge formed into a die. The result is a plastic piece shaped like the die. Circles, squares, stars, ovals, or any shape you can think of! All die cutting is done via our roll stock or we can die cut from our sheeted material.

Precision Rotary & Flat Bed Die Cutting on modern high speed presses utilizing:

  • Laser steel rule dies
  • Matched metal dies
  • Compound dies
  • Rotary dies

Die cutting services include through cutting, kiss cutting and thermal cutting.

Additional capabilities for custom plastic fabricating include: stamping, piecing, forming, bending, punching, folding and heat sealing.

State-of-the-art equipment for applying ½" to 1" wide adhesive transfer tapes to all plastic films, paper and board stock.

Custom packaging for ship to stock and JIT programs.

Also offering, Injection Molded Plastic Products, through exclusive representation.

Looking for a die cutting Company for quality plastic cutting services, custom die cutting and plastic fabricating service in CA? You’ve come to the right place. The Colvin-Friedman Company is your best choice where die cutting is an art form.

We can help with all kind of die cutting services such as plastic die cutting, rotary die cutting, face shields, plastic stamping or plastic die cut sheets.

Plastic Die CuttingColvin-Friedman specializes in custom die cutting services, quality plastic die cutting service, die cut manufacturer parts and plastic fabricating service.

Colvin Friedman provides quality die cut products made with materials: plastic, mylar, polyester, PETG, polycarbonate and more.

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