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Die Cutting Problems Pt. 2

Considering the complexities of die cutting, it is no wonder that there are problems associated with the process. Understanding these problems will help you to get better final products. It is important to partner with a professional company in the die cutting field, so that you can avoid problems connected to die cutting.

Below, we will be going over some of the complex issues that are faced when using die cutting.

Dies gradually wear down over time. The devices go through repetitive motions, and so over time the die will have an increased cutting edge radius, will have its height eroded, and gouging of the edge of the die. This wear-and-tear is worse when cutting abrasive materials and inks (thermosensitive materials). When working with professionals in the die cutting field, they can custom tailor the cutting process to extend the life of dies. Through increasing the pressure of cuts and lessening the clearance, it is possible to negate wear effects.

Another problem occurs when working with adhesives. Die cutting these materials requires the die to be covered in the adhesive, which can gum up the machine. This problem will make die cutting impossible. Professionals can increase the overall performance of the dies, while also lessening cleaning time. Non-stick coating can be applied and reapplied to dies, which will allow them to cut seamlessly. If your need custom die cutting services, trust professionals who know how to solve problems. Reach out for plastic cutting services today.