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Occupational Health and Safety

For over 30 years, Colvin-Friedman has been servicing top tier original equipment manufacturers (OEMS) in the Occupational Health and Safety space. With a focus on optical applications, Colvin-Friedman is positioned as a leading supplier for a variety of component parts and end user disposables.

Products include:

Lens care products
Valve components
Sandblast Accessories


Primarily servicing the requirements of orthopedic and other durable medical device manufacturers, Colvin-Friedman offers the precision and technical knowledge for the most complex medical applications. Aiding in the entire process from material selection through conversion and packaging, Colvin-Friedman is poised to complement any medical project as a value adding member of the team.

Products include:

Medical adhesive conversion
Womens health products


Utilizing brand name materials such as Nomex®, Formex®, Mylar® and others, Colvin-Friedman manufactures a large breadth of electrical products. Our highly skilled technicians employ techniques such as kiss cutting, lamination, slitting and cutting in registration to effectively produce quality parts time and time again.

Products include:

Wire guides
Kiss cut rewound adhesives
Electrode masks
EMI/RFI Sheidling


The newest market segment served by Colvin-Friedman, the energy industry proves to be an exciting space with new innovations coming out for Solar, Wind and Storage. Leveraging these new opportunities, Colvin-Friedman has been involved at the ground level of many new energy device designs. From electrode masks to manifold covers, our experts have aided in the design and development of a variety of component parts.

Products include:

Electrode masks
Manifold Covers
Complex foam conversions


With production technologies applicable to almost any market sector, and our large selection of material options, Colvin-Friedman is positioned to provide die cutting solutions for any project. Give us a call today to go over your specific project and needs. Chances are, we can do it!

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