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Choosing Flatbed Die Cutting Over Other Cutting Methods

When it comes to die cutting services, the two most commonly employed methods of cutting are rotary die cutting and flatbed die cutting. Each type of cutting boasts its unique advantages, but they also have their share of disadvantages. Learning about both types of die cutting allows for the highest quality die cutting possible. Our talented team will break down your needs to create custom cutting solutions.

Rotary Die Cutting

What is flatbed die cutting?

This type of cutting is also commonly referred to as steel rule die cutting. It is a fabrication process that uses a steel rule die and a flatbed cutting press to convert sheet materials into custom shapes and designs. This process is best suited for cutting fabrics, paper, metal, plastic, rubber, laminates, and composites. Once finished, all parts will be uniform and perfect.

Rotary Die Cutting

When compared to other cutting methods (like rotary die cutting), flatbed cutting is considered the most suitable for processing thick materials. It is also used when creating large parts and completing small production cycles.

Custom Die Cutting Service

Flatbed die cutting is not perfect. In fact, it should be avoided when completing large run part production, creating intricate designs, and when high speed is needed. When choosing a method of cutting, the most important determining factors are:

  • Size of material
  • Material
  • Cost
  • Tolerances
  • Prototyping
  • Turnaround time

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