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There are many different types of die cutting processes in the Tool and Die industry.  Each serves a different purpose, and can design products for a multitude of applications. Steel Rule die cutting is a common and simple process that is designed to shape and cut a variety of sheet materials.  Cardboard, plastics, and rubber are some of the common materials that undergo sheet rule cutting. In fact, the majority of cardboard packages and boxes are designed by sheet rule cutting because the cardboard can be perforated, creased, and designed with slits. A slot cut into a ridged wood, which mimics the shape of the finial product, makes the dies.  Subsequently, a steel band is pressed into the aforementioned slot, in order for it to protrude to a desired height above the base. This allows for the product to be designed with a certain thickness. 

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There are many different variations of steel rule cutters; each of which has the capacity to produce alternative items.

  • Center Bevel Steel Rule- this type of die cutter is the most popular of the steel rule dies.  It is durable and has a cutting edge that can be centered easily.
  • Side Bevel Steel Rule- A Side Bevel Steel Rule is designed with the cutting edge off centered. This type of die is known to have a great cut quality and durability.
  • Flush Bevel Steel Rule- The flush bevel is a Steel Rule Die cutter that has a cutting edge in line with one of the faces of the rule. The flush level makes very precise cuts, but it is notorious for having a poor longevity and durability.

To make a certain item with a steel rule die, certain steps must be followed.  The material is positioned right below the die, and then pressed.  Next, the cutting edges for the die cut through the material. The cutting edges will penetrate the material until they meet the bottom plate. Once the bottom plate is reached, the press reverses, and leaves the cut material exposed.

Steel rule die cutting can be purposed for a great deal of materials that have a range of quality and prices. Exotic materials, such as: thick foam, carpet, or even rubber can be manipulated with steel rule die cutting operations. This type of die cutting is an economically efficient way to design soft sheet materials

Custom Die Cutting Service

If you are in the market to purchase a steel rule die cutter, or have something be designed, you should always contact a professional in the field of steel rule die cutting, in order to ensure safety.

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