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Rotary Die CuttingDie cutting is an extremely versatile way to create, cut, shape and form  products made from sheet or roll plastics. Rotary Die cutting is quick and consistent, which allows for high volume production. There are many different ways to die cut, including, flatbed, matched metal and rotary. The rest of this article will focus on rotary die cutting. Below we will be going over different facts about rotary die cutting.

Rotary die cutting works by having a custom cylindrical die(s) cut against a hardened anvil roll. The die cutting machines are controlled by servo motors allowing for precise die cutting control and registration of parts. Materials are fed from unwind spindles and product can be die cut and rewound or supplied as discrete parts. Multiple materials can be laminated together and die cut and pressure sensitive adhesives can be applied so the die cut parts can be supplied on a liner.

One of the special features of these machines is their versatility. Rotary die cutting is used for products as simple as die cut labels and as complex as multi-laminate island placement medical parts. Today’s rotary die cutting platforms offer unlimited possibilities from high speed kiss cutting to laser die cutting.

Rotary Die CuttingThe versatility of rotary die cutting allows for many different types of materials to be die cut including all plastics, papers, rubbers, corks, fabrics, foams and felts. Complex die cut features and shapes can all be produced on a rotary die cutting platform.

Some benefits of rotary cutting:

•   Quick turn- around time from planning to final die cut product
•   Consistent, reliable, repeatable, in tolerance die cut parts.
•   Rotary Die cutting produces the least waste of any die cutting process
•   Machines can do multiple jobs: such as, embossing, kiss cutting, lamination and precise die cutting registration.
•   Can also incorporate inline packaging of the die cut product

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rotary Die Cutting


Die cutting yields a level of uniformity in final product that is almost unmatched.  Die cut parts that are consistently in tolerance are critical to any die cutting project and with rotary die cutting the process is capable of this.

Speed is also a positive factor when using this form of die cutting. Considering these machines can run hundreds of feet of material per minute rotary die cutting offers considerable production efficiencies.  Other methods of die cutting can be substantially slower and less precise although they all have their place.

The cost of rotary die cutting is usually less than other forms of cutting. One of the reasons is because other production methods may require multiple operations where rotary die cutting can perform all the operations in line thus saving time and money.

Cutting product causes waste no matter what method you are using. Rotary die cutting, with its precision allows for the reduction of waste which both saves money and adheres to green manufacturing principles.


One of the things you must take into consideration is that rotary die cutting can only be done within certain size constraints. The length, height, and width are all subject to the limitation of the rotary machine. Other forms of cutting allow for bigger finished products

Rotary die cutting is generally not the method of choice for thicker materials, low volume or high die cutting tonnage requirements. The tooling can also be more expensive than other conventional die cutting tooling.


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Rotary die cutting: Composed primarily of heavy cylindrical anvils and customizable rotary die sets, Rotary die cutting is geared towards high volume or tight tolerance applications. 

Different Types of Die Cutting

We can aid in material selection, die cutting method and packaging options. Let us bring all of our die cutting experience to your next project.

All About Die Cutting

There are two main types of die cutting that are popular in the industry: flat-bed die cutting and rotary die cutting. Rotary machines use a cylindrical die on a rotary press.

Rotary and Flatbed Die Cutting

Rotary die cutting offers high speed, with high accuracy and high tolerance. The machines also have the sophistication to create complex and multi-layered parts.

The Advantages of Rotary Die Cutting

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Choosing Rotary Die Cutting

Two of the most common cutting styles are flatbed and rotary die cutting. Although a flatbed might be cheaper to purchase, a rotary die might end up being more cost effective in the long run.

When to Use Rotary Die Cutting Services

One of the specific styles of cutting we offer is rotary die cutting.This type of cutting is used for projects that require high production rates over extended periods of time.

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