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Benefits of Using Nomex

Die Cutting ServiceA product is sometimes only as good as the materials that it is made from. Different materials have varied chemical properties that offer unique and distinctive characteristic. Metal, woods, papers, and plastics all have their pros and cons when construction and using products and parts. We work with plastic die cutting and paper die cutting. Not all papers are made the same, and so we work with a full-line of different paper types. One of the most popular paper types that we use is called Nomex®. Below, we will be going over some of the leading benefits provided when using Nomex®.

Although Nomex® is considered a paper, it is still related to nylon (aromatic backbones). It is sold either in sheet or fiber form, and it is mostly used in electrical insulations, transformer cores, light fixtures, and other electronic applications.

Benefits include:

  1. Durability- parts made of this material are hard wearing and are resistant to tear.
  2. Electrical insulation- Nomex® has the best insulation out of all paper materials
  3. High thermal properties- works well with electronics
  4. Strong mechanical strength – it is relatively strong compared to other materials.

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