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Getting to know the Flat Bed Die Cutting Process

There are many different types of die cutters on the market. Flat bed die cutting is a specific die cutting process that is used to cut, emboss, waste strip, or blank separate, different types of sheet material. There are a multitude of different materials that can be used for flat bed die cutting: light papers, boards, plastics, corrugated boards and even some metals. It is common to find flat cutting machines in the packaging, labeling and commercial printing sectors. This type of die cutting process is incredibly popular, as a result of its high accuracy and precise sheet control during each stage of the process. Overall, flat bed die cutters have exemplary cutting, creasing and engraving qualities, when manipulating sheet materials.

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Flat bed die cutters are fairly complex machines. They can be offline, stand-alone, or inline with a printing press or other unit. Each die cutter is assembled based on the exact application it is tasked with, but each machine is designed with the same core components:

Feeder/ Loader: The feeder, also known as the loader, is a system comprised of suction heads or a push system. This component transports sheet material from the pile to the machine in feed.

In-Feed: The in feed controls the movement of each individual sheet within the flat bed die cutter. This module also registers the sheet material to the cutting tools by using mechanical or dynamic registration.

Stripping Section: The stripping section removes internal waste, side and rear trim. The upper and lower striping tool works in tandem to remove excess material.

Blank Separation Section: The Blank Separation tool uses dedicated blanking tools to move individual cartons from the sheet material. This process creates an accumulation of flat blanks, which are primed for further processing or sale.

Delivery: For machines designed with no blank separation components, the die cutter must create a pile of full sheets or blanks, which are attached via nicks.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of flat bed die cutting it is always best to contact a local professional. These machines create intricate designs and products, and are difficult to operate without the proper experience and knowledge. If you are in the market for a flat bed machine or want to have something made, a local expert in the field of die cutting is the best guaranteed method of ensuring that your questions are well addressed.

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