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Rotary die cutting

custom die cutting serviceComposed primarily of heavy cylindrical anvils and customizable rotary die sets, Rotary die cutting is geared towards high volume or tight tolerance applications. Colvin-Friedman employs state of the art servo driven press solutions from companies such as Delta Industrial. Combined with different modules and operations such as kiss cutting, lamination, island placement, embossing, slitting and others, the versatile nature of rotary solutions proves to be a core competency for Colvin-Friedman. Optical sensors allow for die cutting in registration with optimal tolerance levels.

Flat-Bed Die Cutting

custom die cutting serviceFor thicker materials or lower production volumes, Flat Bed die cutting encompasses a wide range of different cutting solutions. Utilizing high tonnage machinery from Atom, Samco, Preco and others, Colvin-Friedman primarily employs steel rule and forged cutting die solutions. Automated sheet fed presses provide for high speed die cutting when a thicker substrate is specified, allowing for larger volume production runs. The relatively low cost of steel rule dies makes for an optimal prototyping solution as well.

Male-Female Stamping

Die Cutting ServiceAlso referred to as matched metal tooling, Male-Female tooling consists of hardened male and female die halves. Male-Female tooling works by shearing the substrate, instead of the burst fracturing method in steel rule and forged die applications. Used primarily in very tight tolerance or thicker substrate applications, male-female tooling is often the best choice for cutting where complex features, slugs or accurate registration are needed.


Custom Die Cutting ServiceGenerally accomplished on a rotary solution, Colvin-Friedman offers the ability to convert most any roll good. Whether a discrete part or a roll to roll conversion are necessary for your project, Colvin-Friedman offers state of the art conversion machinery with optical registration, lamination, kiss cutting and a host of other options to fit your needs. Using name brand materials from 3M, Dupont, Avery and more, Colvin-Friedman has the industry expertise to effectively complete most any conversion work.


Die Cutting ServicesPackaging is one of the many value added services provided by Colvin-Friedman. Our ability to become a “one-stop-shop” has been a driving force in our success as an organization. Taking down-stream operational burdens off the shoulders of our customers simplifies the supply chain and allows for more direct oversight. Many of our products ship direct to distribution hubs in their retail packaging, ready to be displayed at the point of purchase. We partner with a variety of custom corrugated, polybag and packaging material vendors to source high-quality end user packaging designs that complement any product going directly to consumers.


Rotary Die CuttingAllowing customers to keep inventory carry costs down, Colvin-Friedman has worked under Kanban, JIT, End to End and other stocking programs. Blanket purchase orders allow for the procurement/warehousing of stock, giving many of our customers same day shipping on their orders. This service has proven invaluable for many customers, as Colvin-Friedman is able to respond dynamically to fluctuations in demand while simultaneously decreasing the inventory burden on the customers’ floor.

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