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Over 75 Years of Specialty Die Cutting Experience

Specializing in Thin Gauge Film and Sheet Plastics

Colvin Friedman has been providing top-quality die-cutting services since 1949. While we are larger now than we used to be, our core mission remains the same: produce high-quality die-cut parts and provide dependable, friendly, and personal service. We have the following die-cutting capabilities:

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We offer a wide range of die-cutting capabilities and we have a solution for almost any die-cutting job that comes through our door. We tailor our solutions to fit every customer whether you are looking for small or large volume runs.

From Prototype to Production - The Process

Below we’ve outlined our process for going from prototype to production.

Die Cutting Process

Stage One - Consultation and Design

We begin all die-cutting jobs with a simple consultation to understand your company products and what part we may play in your supply chain. During this process, we determine whether die cutting is the best process for you along with what material will be best for your product or component if you are unsure. Click on the material category below to see a full list of materials offered.

For a full list of materials, click on the material category. Once a material is determined, we often produce a prototype using the chosen materials and design if the customer has not already created one. This prototype will allow you to visualize the final product and perform any physical testing required to ensure it meets all specifications and functional requirements.

Stage Two - Testing and Refinement

Once we have a completed prototype in hand, whether yours or ours, we will send the product through a series of quality tests. We perform tolerance level tests, overall dimension tests, and fit and function tests. If necessary, we will assist in design refinement for a smoother manufacturing process.

Once the prototype has passed our testing, our clients will often perform their own tests and provide feedback to us. We use the feedback to create multiple iterations of the product to enhance its quality and functionality. The final step in stage two is final approval from our clients to begin production.

Stage Three - Production and Scaling

We have a full QMS to ensure that the product is perfect and signed off on before production. Post final approval, we immediately begin setting up the necessary die-cutting tools and equipment to produce your order. This includes fabricating any dies needed and configuring our machinery for optimal efficiency. We begin with a small-scale production run to ensure the system is functioning correctly and the produced units match the quality of the prototype.

If there are any last-minute adjustments needed before the full production process, we make those changes at this point. Once you give us the green light, we scale to full production while ensuring quality control standards are maintained and delivery timelines are met.

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What We've Produced

We are one of the most experienced die-cutting companies in the world and can handle almost any order - whether large or small.

Lenses and lens accessories Gaskets
Seals Decorative leather
Shims Face shields

Why Work with Colvin Friedman

While we provide custom quality die cutting for a wide range of applications, we specialize in thin gauge film and sheet plastics. This is a specialty that demands precision and expert handling, and we have both the equipment and skilled technicians to do so. Over the years, we have completed tens of thousands of production runs for both, and we have done so with nearly no reworks due to our ability to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

At all times, you have a direct line to Josh, our Vice President. He maintains constant communication with you regarding your order status and ensures any questions you have are addressed promptly.

Additional Capabilities

We offer several value-added services to ensure our organization is a “one-stop shop” for your business. We have developed these services over the years to make managing the supply chain easier for our customers. If you are looking for an additional capability beyond what you see below, we may be able to accommodate. Feel free to reach out below!


If we are the last stop on the supply chain, we have the ability to package your products in retail packaging ready to be shipped to distribution hubs. We have many custom corrugated polybag and packaging material partners allowing us to source high-end user packaging such as blister packs, shrink wrapping, or custom boxes.


We integrate directly with your inventory system and assist in your inventory management by providing storage solutions and stock-level monitoring. We have experience with Kanban, JIT, End to End, and other stocking programs. We also offer same-day shipping on orders with blanket purchase orders, which has been invaluable to many of our customers as we make the re-ordering process as simple and easy as possible for them.

Or call Josh at (707) 769-4488

Frequently Asked Questions

What die-cutting services do you offer?

We offer a variety of die-cutting techniques including rotary die cutting, custom die cutting, flatbed die cutting, steel rule die cutting, precision die cutting, industrial die cutting, kiss-cut die cutting, and male-female stamping. We are available to help you choose what technique is best for you.

What materials can you work with for die-cutting?

We work with a wide range of plastics, foams, tapes, metals, rubbers, and leather. Each material will be best for a different application. We can aid you in choosing a material and we can accommodate any specific material requirements you may have.

Can you handle both small and large production runs?

We can complete a wide range of production runs from prototypes to millions of units. We tailor our approach to your specific volume needs, ensuring quality and efficiency regardless of the scale.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

We have a full QMS system to ensure that each product is checked, rechecked, and signed off on before production. We perform a variety of tests throughout the pre-production process to ensure the quality is perfect upon delivery.

Do you offer packaging and shipping services?

Yes, we offer complete packaging and shipping services. We will package your products in retail packaging before shipping them to distribution centers. We also provide stocking and logistics support where we link directly with your inventory system to offer services such as just-in-time delivery and same-day shipping.

Getting Started

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