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Die Cutting is an intricate mechanical process.  Although a die cut machines often make simple goods, the process is far from straightforward and easy.  There are a multitude of methods that die manufactures use, and each method is appropriate for a specific material and application. Having different machines allows producers to widen the spectrum of products that they can create.  Specific machines also allow manufactures to make the most economically efficient cuts out of a specific material. Some types of die cutting are applicable for certain materials, while some machines can damage others.

Rotary Die Cutting

Classic Die Cutting Tool:
The most basic die cutting tool is similar to a cookie cutter that has razor sharp edges.  These edges are engulfed in rubber to help soften hard impacts when the stamp runs through the material.  This die tool is popular in the gasket, vibration, and plastic parts industry.  Even this die tool has variations to help make more particular items

Steel Rule Die Cutting Tool:
A steel rule die cutting tool is beneficial for applications that need extremely accurate cuts. This tool is also known as the flat bed die cutting tool because it has a flat construction.

Rotatory Die Cutting Tool:
Rotary die cutting machines are solid tools that generate a product through wedge-type cutting.  They are solid tools that are manufactured to exacting tolerance, which procures an accurate product. These tools make extremely smooth cuts, at an extremely quick speed. The rotary die cuts and scores soft to semi-rigid materials. The machine forces the material through blades that are located on a circular anvil.

Ultrasonic Die Cutting Tool:
Ultrasonic die cutting tools uses ultrasonic frequencies to cut and seal materials. The frequency causes a vibration, which generate heat and pressure. The heat and pressure seal the thermoplastic materials and help make the cut.

Water Jet Die Cutting Tool:
A water jet cutter, which is commonly know as a water jet, is one of the strongest and most accurate industrial die cutting tools. The water jet tool uses water pressure and abrasive substances to cut through extremely hard materials.  This specific tool is perfect for creating parts for machines.

Rotary Die Cutting

Professional die cutting companies will be able to pick the best cutting method for you. Asking the advice of a professional will undoubtedly help to make a clearer decision. You can talk about the specifics of what you need, so that you can determine materials and cutting methods. Get the best cut products today.

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