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If you are looking for quality die cutting then look no further than Colvin-Friedman Company. When preparing to launch a product, an individual might not have time to worry about how to create enough die cuts in a quick and accurate fashion. This is where the tools and knowhow of precision die cutters come in. At Colvin Friedman, we help provide solutions that allow individuals to focus attention on more important areas of the business. We have the ability to utilize both rotary die cutting and flatbed die cutting, depending on the job at hand.

Quality Die CuttingRotary die cutting offers high speed, with high accuracy and high tolerance. The machines also have the sophistication to create complex and multi-layered parts. This is a result of the machine's ability to perform multiple functions all within the same processing cycle. The machine will pull in web materials, and that material can be cut, laminated, organized, and more. The constant motions provided by a rotary die cutting machine are not available when doing flatbed die cutting.

Although a flatbed die cutting machine is slower than rotary die cutting, flatbed die cutting offers things a rotary machine simply cannot. The most obvious difference is the size of material that the machines can process. Flatbed machines open wider, and as such they can process substantially thicker web materials.

Quality Die Cutting

Having to make a decision between the two types of cutting is best left to professionals in the field. Call Colvin Friedman today, to talk about your next die cutting project.


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