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Die Cutting Problems Pt. 1

There are very good reasons to want to partner with a professional die cutting company when looking to utilize this type of cutting for your business. Simply put, die cutting is a difficult and complex method of cutting the requires knowledge and proper tools. With time and planning, the partnership can be beneficial to both parties.

One of the main problems to consider when considering die cutting is the possibilities/limitations of the process. Die cutting is versatile, but it cannot process all types of materials or cuts. Partnering with a company early in the design process will allow you to avoid disappointment and wasted time. Planning is important for die cutting because making substantial changes to dies can be difficult and expensive. With proper preparations, die cutting can make complex products/parts. As a result of all the possibilities of the process, custom die cutting is used to create all kinds of products.

When discussing your product with professionals, they will be able to tell you the possibilities and limitations of the process. They will tell you that a steel rule die has blades that cannot fully bend, which means mitered joints must be used to help create sharp edges. Mitered joints create weak spots in a die, and this can potentially lead to die failure. Plastic cutting services will help you figure out the best ways to approach die cutting. Make the call today.