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Providing Top Rated Services for 75 years, Colvin Friedman is the Expert Choice for all your Precise Die-Cutting Needs.

Colvin Friedman has been in the die-cutting business for over 75 years and is one of the oldest and most experienced providers in the United States. With every project, we emphasize quality and accuracy, taking a personal approach to every product and component we cut. We are known for our precision die cutting and have thousands of satisfied customers.

Our Experience & Expertise

Providing die-cutting services for the better part of a century, our team here at Colvin Friedman has perfected our die cutting process through decades of experience to cut as accurately and as consistently as possible.

Having worked with clients in a number of different industries, we know that certain products have no room for error. We have precision-cut thousands of designs for our clients. Our expertise includes the production of:

Thermal insulators for large-scale batteries
Durable medical goods
RFID shielding for electronic components
Impact-rated face shields
Fire barrier film for electrical components
Custom PPE shielding for full-face respirators

Our Services

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Multi-stage registration in line
  • Tight tolerance small scale laminations
  • Reactive materials cutting studies
  • Matched toolsets with high precision
  • High-level tolerance stacks
  • Repeatable CPK & PPK quality metrics

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We Specialize in Thin Gauge Film and Sheet Plastics

Common Uses for Precision Die Cutting

Precision die cutting is necessary for products whose end use allows no room for error or size variation in the particular unit. This is often for safety reasons or comes as a result of the intricacy of a design. Some products that often require precision die-cutting are compiled in the table below.

Industry Products
Aerospace Seals and Gaskets
Consumer Electronics Touch Screen Components, Screen Protectors
Industrial Filtration System Components
Medical Durable Medical Goods
Electronics Insulators & RFID Shielding
Packaging Protective Packaging
Energy Internal Battery Components

Materials Used

Additionally, the density, thickness, and other qualities of a product’s material will also affect how well it can be die cut. Listed below are some materials most commonly used in precision die cutting.

Material Category Materials
Plastics Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
High & Low Density Polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE)
Polypropylene (PP)
High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
Metal Foils Aluminum Foil
Copper Foil
Paper Products Specialty Paper
Textiles Polyester
Wovens and nonwovens
Composite Materials Fiberglass
Carbon Fiber

Production Capability Overview

We have the expertise and machinery to complete a wide range of precision die-cutting projects. We are generally able to cut productions that fit within the specifications below. For our most precise cuts, we often recommend rotary die-cutting, as it can often reach a lower tolerance level than other techniques. If we are unable to cut your product, we will help refer you to someone who can.

Category Rotary Flat Bed
Maximum Product Width 16 inches, we can slit down larger jumbos 40 inches
Maximum Product Thickness .015 inches, however, there is flexibility with different materials .5 inches, material dependent
Tolerance Level Can get down to ±0.005 inches ±0.010, material dependent
Maximum Production Capacity 40,000 units/hour (size dependent) 2,000 - 4,000 parts/hour (size dependent)
Average Lead Time 3 weeks 3 weeks

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Ensuring Quality: Our Precision Die Cutting Process

Our production process is precisely designed to ensure that your product is cut with the greatest quality and accuracy and that every single unit produced performs its function perfectly. The diagram below outlines our process for ensuring that your product completely fulfills your company’s needs.

Die Cutting Process

Stage One - Consultation and Design

We begin every consultation by thoroughly going through your design specifications and determining the end requirements for your product. We determine the die-cutting technique, material, and finishing that will allow us to cut your product as reliably and precisely as possible. We will then create a prototype, if none has been created yet. After approving the final design, we create our dies, which are constructed by some of the top die makers in the world. Following this, we develop a number of test products to ensure the design’s quality and precision.

Stage Two - Testing and Refinement

Before beginning production, we rigorously evaluate the test products, checking for their overall dimension, fit and function, and tolerance levels to verify they will fulfill their end use requirements. If a product does not meet the desired standard of precision, we will assist in adjusting the design to ensure the most precise and efficient cutting process. Customers are invited to test the product themselves and provide design feedback. Our expert team is able to produce multiple iterations of the product to confirm its quality, functionality, and that we produce a consistently precise cut.

Stage Three - Production and Scaling

Even once the first article approval process is complete, we assess the product with our full QMS (quality management system) throughout production to guarantee it will function at the highest level of quality. At this point, the machines are equipped to fulfill your order and we proceed with the full balance of your production run.

Getting Started

If you have any more questions about our process or are interested in scheduling an initial consultation, please use the number below to contact our vice president, Josh Rodman.

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