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The Best Die Cut Companies - 2024 Report

Many manufacturers struggle to find the best die cutting company for their needs, whether type of die cutting, ability to cut a certain material, or production volume is the constraint. Our team has ranked 10 die cutting companies and compiled their strengths into one complete list to aid in finding the company for you.

Here’s how we ranked the die cutting companies:

  • Year Founded: Companies with more years in business have an established reputation in the industry, bringing more experience and stability to your projects. We preferred older companies higher due to their longer history and a wider range of completed projects. (Algorithm Weight: 30%)
  • Services Offered: We slightly favored companies that offered more die-cutting services, as the chances are higher they will be able to fulfill your specific needs. (Algorithm Weight: 10%)
  • Location: While all companies are located in the US, we favored companies with locations closer to major shipping hubs for faster delivery. (Algorithm Weight: 5%)
  • Specialized Industries: Companies with a wider range of industries served were rated higher due to their ability to serve a wide variety of clients. (Algorithm Weight: 15%)
  • Experience of Team: We examined the resumes of each company's team to determine which has more expertise and dedication to quality results. (Algorithm Weight: 40%)

The Best Die Cutting Companies in the US

Company Year Founded Services Offered Location Industries Served Experience of Team
Colvin Friedman Company 1946 Rotary, Flatbed, Precision, Kiss Cut, Steel Rule, Industrial, Male-Female, Custom Petaluma, CA Health & safety, medical, electrical, energy, and more. 4.9
H. Loeb Corp 1948 Kiss Cut, Crease Cut, Custom New Bedford, MA Aerospace, military, laundry, and lighting. 4.7
REDCO 1948 Steel Rule, Kiss Cut, Custom Carson City, NV Aerospace, agriculture, automotive, construction, energy, medical equipment, and more. 4.6
Thrust Industries 1972 Waterjet, laser, custom Evansville, IN Appliances, automotive, electronic, medical, telecom, and more. 4.5
Preco 1956 Industrial Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Laser Kiss Cutting, Laser Welding Lenexa, KS Medical, automotive, advanced energy, aerospace 4.3
CS Hyde Company 1996 Rotary, Knife Cutting, Stamping Lake Villa, IL Automotive, windows, doors, and electronics 4.4
Custom Fabricating & Supplies 2000 Rotary, Precision, Laser, Steel Rule, Flatbed, Clean Room Franklin, WI Aerospace, automotive, electric vehicle, medical, and more. 4.2
Rapid Die Cut 2019 Use software for services Clinton Township, MI Aerospace, automotive, construction, marine, energy, transportation, and more. 4.0

The Best Die Cutting Companies in the US – Descriptions & Expertise

Learn more about each die cutting company on our list, including services offered and a full list of industries served.

Colvin Friedman Company

Family owned and operated, Colvin Friedman is the most experienced die cutting company on our list. With over 70 years in business, Colvin Friedman specializes in die cutting sheet and roll stock using top production techniques customized to your needs. Today, Colvin Friedman is the go-to for many Fortune 100 companies who must ensure their production remains on schedule, but also many small and medium-sized companies who rely on quality components delivered on time for their production to run smoothly.

All industries served: Occupational health and safety, lenses, valve components, face shields, sandblast accessories, electrical insulators, wire guides, kiss cut rewound adhesives, electrode masks, EMI/RFI shielding, energy, laminates, and custom projects.

H. Loeb Corp

H. Loeb Corporation, established in 1948, specializes in custom die cutting and non-metallic manufacturing. The company offers die cutting, CNC cutting, thermal insulation, laminating, slitting, and sheeting. H. Loeb also manufactures products, such as rubber and foam gaskets, seals, thermal gap pads, and custom die-cut insulation. The company uses technology like knife cutting and laser cutting to serve domestic and international customers.

All industries served: Aerospace, military, laundry, cryogenics, furnaces, high-tech electronics, hot water heaters, industrial equipment, lighting, medical, refrigeration, solar, and textile.


REDCO is known as a rubber manufacturer and offers die cutting services, such as steel rule, kiss cut, and foam cutting, with options to add pressure-sensitive adhesives or laminate custom die cuts to plastic or sheet metal. All projects are performed and manufactured in-house in the US.

All industries served: Aerospace, agriculture, automotive, business machine, communication, computer, consumer, construction, defense, electronics, energy, food processing, garment, gas, instrumentation, labeling, laser, medical, military, music, oil, packaging, paper processing, printing feed and drive rollers, recording, semiconductor, sporting goods, ticketing equipment, and transportation.

Thrust Industries

Thrust Industries is a domestic and international die cutting provider with over 35 years of experience. Thrust specializes in die cutting services for non-metallic materials but offers a variety of copper and aluminum services.

All industries served: Appliances, automotive, cabinetry, carpentry, electronics, face shields/PPE, medical, retail, and telecommunications.


Preco is an ultra-high-volume manufacturer, choosing to work with only the largest manufacturing orders. They have divisions for rotary and flat bed die cutting in addition to laser cutting, and they are one of the largest contract manufacturing service (CMS) providers in the United States.

All industries served: Abrasives, flexible packaging, medical, automotive, advanced energy, aerospace, electronics, defense.

CS Hyde Company

Founded in 1996, CS Hyde Company specializes in adhesive tapes, polymer films, fabrics, and silicone rubber. CS Hyde keeps prices low by maintaining stock and minimizing tooling costs. Cutting machinery and custom adhesive lamination are completed on-site and shipped to domestic and international customers.

All industries served: Aerospace, chemical, food, industrial, and plastic.

Custom Fabricating & Supplies

As one of the newer die cutting companies on our list, Custom Fabricating & Supplies (CFS) stands out as a provider of custom projects and a wide range of capabilities. CFS serves the US with five locations throughout the country and headquarters in Franklin, WI.

All industries served: Aerospace, agriculture, automotive, electronics, electric vehicles, food & beverage, LED lighting, medical, metal finishing, and oil & gas.

Rapid Die Cut

Rapid Die Cut uses a software platform to provide custom-cut foams, rubber, plastic, felt, vinyl, and more. The company offers a quick turnaround due to digital manufacturing capabilities and on-site tooling. You can receive a prototype within a day and produce on-demand parts in three days.

All industries served: Aerospace, appliances, automotive, construction, electronics, furniture, HVAC, industrial, lighting, marine, medical, military, gas & oil, packaging, energy, retail, robotics, RV’s, sporting goods, and transportation.

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