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99.99% Stock Out Avoidance with Our Automatic Stocking Services

Partner with Colvin Friedman and Integrate Your System to Efficiently Replenish Your Supply with Same Day Shipping

Having been in business for the better part of a century, Colvin Friedman is no stranger to the dynamic manufacturing and stocking needs of clients in diverse industries. Our stocking services allow businesses to strategically partner with us to keep your business operating as efficiently as possible. We offer regular, automatic stocking services, giving you a replenished inventory and peace of mind.

Industry and Product Experience

We provide our stocking services to clients in a wide variety of industries with various needs. Below are some industries and products we regularly supply for. Our Experience Includes:

Industry Products
Medical Durable medical products for walking boots, cast inserts, and braces
Industrial Lens protection equipment, Respirator Parts, Fit Test Collars and more
Manufacturing Sub-assembly components for a wide variety of larger downstream builds
Recreation Bike Bag Stiffeners, Paneling

Shipping Capabilities

Based in Petaluma, California, we are proud to be able to serve customers located all across the nation. Below we’ve organized our average lead times based on your location for your convenience. For our partners’ most time-sensitive orders, we often can arrange same-day shipping when it absolutely must be there.

Same-Day Shipping Available for Rush Orders

Area Lead Time Needed for Order Delivery
Far West 1-3 Business Days
New England 5-7 Business Days
Mideast 4-6 Business Days
Great Lakes
The Plains 3-5 Business Days
Rocky Mountains

We have a 99.99% On Time Production Delivery Rate

Direct Integration

We are able to directly integrate our stocking services with your company’s computer system. We receive notifications when a component or product reaches a certain threshold, alerting us to produce parts to restock your inventory automatically, often on the same day. We have integrated with a number of systems. Here are a few common ones below:

  • Kanban
  • JIT
  • End to End
  • Blanket orders
  • Scheduled releases

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Four Pillars of the Colvin Friedman Stocking Service

Through direct integration, our goal is to help your business run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Below we’ve outlined a number of advantages our clients have experienced as a result of working with Colvin Friedman:

Optimized Storage Risk Mitigation
Considering the costs associated with maintaining an extensive storage space, our stocking services reduce the need to keep an extended inventory, saving customers both money and space. Due to our automatic restocking, our services make sure that you are never out of parts or products you need. With a 99.99% on-time delivery rate, Colvin Friedman guarantees you are able to meet all of your production deadlines.
Consistent Quality Reduced Down Time
As products that have spent an extensive amount of time in storage may degrade, automatic restocking ensures that the components are always of the highest quality. Our QMS procedures consistently ensure premium components for you to produce the best possible end product. As most of our stocking services include same-day delivery, we ensure that your production process is never slowed. Whether you are operating at a smaller or larger scale, we are able to match to your needs as necessary.

Our Stocking Process

Stocking Process

Integrate with Inventory System

We begin onboarding every new stocking client by integrating directly with their inventory management system. We are able to integrate with a number of commonly used systems, such as Kanban, JIT, and End to End. Every integration process is done in close consultation with the client and a number of tests are performed to ensure against bugs or malfunctions before the process proceeds.

Customize Stocking Preferences

Following full integration, we work with the client to review their inventory needs and stocking preferences. We are able to provide regular shipments of components, as well as orders on an “as needed” basis. If necessary, we aid the client in selecting a re-order point based on their production levels, quantity of reorder, and location. We are entirely flexible to seasonal production levels. All aspects are completely customizable and able to be tailored to your needs.

Manufacture Units

Upon completion of stocking preference, we perform our full pre-production process to ensure consistent quality and tolerance levels across units and production orders. Our QMS is built around time-sensitive orders, meaning you see no loss in quality, even in a rush. We have a 99.99% acceptance rate on all orders.

Delivery and Restocking Products

Orders are prioritized to ensure stockouts are prevented, leading to 99.99% stock-out avoidance for companies trusting us for their stocking services. In many cases, we offer same-day shipping on orders.

Fluctuating Demand and Responsive Service

Our stocking services are built to respond to your changing demands. Whether you are in need of an emergency restock, are gearing up for a big production, or are receiving a new influx of demand, we are ready to assist you. As a small company with a large production capacity, we are proud to offer a scalable and personalized approach to each client and order. All of our clients directly consult with our vice president, Josh Rodman, who oversees every project. You are never more than a phone call away from our management team.

If you have questions about our stocking services, or would like to request a free quote from us, click the button below, or use the phone number to contact Josh.

Or call Josh at (707) 769-4488

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