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In Business for Over 75 Years, Our Experienced Team is Here to Handle All Your Male-Female Stamping Needs

Offering die-cutting services since the 1940s, Colvin Friedman is your most experienced option for Male-Female Stamping. With every project, our team holds precision, quality, and efficiency as their highest priority, ensuring that your components are quickly and expertly stamped and that your company joins our thousands of satisfied clients.

Male-Female Stamping: Our Experience and Expertise

Over our many decades in operation, we have fine-tuned our Male-Female stamping procedures for peak efficacy and efficiency. We pride ourselves on the number of quality components we’ve been able to stamp for our clients.

Below we have compiled the number of components we’ve created using Male-Female Stamping over the past two decades.

Male Female Stamping Capacity

Likewise, our Male-Female Stamping projects have ranged across a wide variety of product types with millions of units produced. The table below shows some of the products included in our experience.

Face Shields Washers
Filter Housings Bindings
Small scale trays Hole patterns

Materials We Specialize In

Male-Female Stamping is also useful for its ability to accommodate a wide variety of materials, including tougher metals other die cutting procedures may not be able to accommodate. Below are some of the many diverse materials we have experience cutting via Male-Female Stamping:

Category Material
Metals Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium
Plastics PE, PP, Acrylic, PVC, Nylon, ABS
Composites Materials Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Laminates
Rubbers Natural Rubber, Silicone
Paper Products Cardboard, Standard Paper, Specialty Papers

Our Male Female Stamping capabilities are far more variable and contingent on other factors such as size, material type, and density than other die-cutting processes. If you would like specific information in regard to your project and our capabilities, please contact our Vice President, Josh Rodman, via the number below to receive a full evaluation of your project.

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Our Male-Female Stamping Process

Die Cutting Process

With every Male-Female Stamping project we undertake we are constantly working to deliver you both the best quality product, with a number of safeguards in place to protect against costly defects. Over years of experience, our stamping procedures have been structured to allow for the greatest flexibility and precision to precisely fit the needs of your company and product. The graphic below outlines our process to do so.

Stage One - Consultation and Design

  • Review specifications for intricacy of product, die dimensions, and material thickness to ensure dies properly nest, remain durable, and do not warp the material
  • Closely consult with client about product’s end use to guarantee correct materials are chosen and all necessary features are present in both die and component
  • Dies are made by experienced professionals, ensuring the male die is precisely machined to fit within the female die to maintain tight tolerances and avoid misalignment

We begin every process by examining the specifications of your Male-Female Stamping project. These include size, volume of your order, the intricacy of your design, and the end requirements for your product. We give special attention to the material best suited to your project, considering appropriate density and durability to ensure against warped or damaged products. We may generate a prototype, if necessary, of your product to ensure design quality. The male and female dies for your project are created by world class die makers, giving extra attention to alignment and durability to guarantee accuracy and consistency across your production.

Stage Two - Testing and Refinement

  • Test products and dies are inspected to ensure against defects, burrs, or uneven embossing
  • Ensure the press is properly calibrated for the correct force based on the thickness of the chosen material
  • Clients may test the product themselves, designs can be altered in the development as necessary to fix errors and ensure the best quality stamped product

Following die creation, we develop test products which are evaluated to confirm the quality and precision of the created dies. For Male-Female stamping, we give special attention to tolerance levels and precision, and confirm the proper calibration for our machines. We are able to adjust any aspect of the design to ensure the stamping process meets client standards. Clients are also able to test the product themselves to assist in the process. We are also able to produce multiple versions of the test products to further confirm precision, and guarantee consistency across the stamping production.

Stage Three - Production and Scaling

  • Male and Female dies are equipped and machines are calibrated for the appropriate speed and pressure of the full production run
  • Die-cutting experts continually run our QMS to ensure that both the dies and the product remain even and appropriately stamped
  • Work closely with client to guarantee satisfactory precision, functionality, and that all necessary deadlines are met

Throughout the entire development and production process, our team is continuously running our specialized QMS to guarantee die alignment and the precision of your project. Following the completion of our tests and client approval, our machines are equipped with the custom male and female dies, appropriately calibrated, and we begin the remainder of the final stamping production. We consult with our clients closely to ensure the balance of the production is stamped efficiently and without degraded quality.

Common Uses for Male-Female Stamping

Due to its ability to achieve high tolerances and create intricate designs, Male-Female Stamping is a manufacturing process used for a wide variety of product components and industries.

Industry Component
Automotive Panels for Vehicle Body or Interior
Vehicle Frame Components
Heat Shields
Construction Hinges
Metal or Plastic Decorative Elements
Consumer Goods Metal Brackets for Furniture
Household Appliance Components
Metal and Plastic Pieces of Sports Equipment
Electronics Device Cases
Heat Sinks
Metal Contacts and Connectors
Aerospace Wing Sections
Heat-Resistant Shields

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