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Offering Choice Die-Cutting Services since the 1940s, Colvin Friedman has the Experience for All Your Kiss Cutting Needs

With over 75 years of die-cutting experience, Colvin Friedman has proven itself to be the top choice for both small and large-scale kiss-cutting productions. We have extensive experience with Kiss Cutting, and we control the precision and depth of each cut to ensure a consistent quality product. With thousands of satisfied clients, we manufacture for projects both large and small.

Kiss Cutting Experience and Expertise

Having been in operation for the better part of a century, we have perfected our kiss cutting process for peak efficiency and accuracy to satisfy the needs of all our clients and their products.

As shown below, we’ve kiss cut over 100,000,000 units since 2000.

Kiss Cut Die Cutting Production Volume

Our Expertise Includes:

Seals for medical sensors
Crack and peel label backings
VHB adhesive rolls
Peel away easy starts
Complex hole patterns in 3M 400MP
Safety label collars for fire extinguishers
Full Perimeter adhesive laminations
Screen protectors

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Common Uses for Kiss Cutting

Kiss cut is a delicate art requiring a great amount of accuracy due to the precision and subtlety of the cuts. Most commonly used to die cut through a top substrate against a liner, such as a label or a sticker, it is also used for a wide variety of products, often with adhesive backings. Below are some products that are commonly cut using kiss-cutting procedures.

Category Product
Stickers & Decals Custom Branding Stickers
Vehicle Decals
Wall Stickers
Labels Address Labels
Product Labels
Barcode and Shipping Labels
Components for Electronic Products Screen Protectors
Adhesive Backed Components
Industrial Components Protective Films for Machinery
Custom Gaskets and Seals

Materials Used

A wide variety of materials are able to take advantage of a kiss cutting solution. Below are some of the most common.

Category Material
Plastics Vinyl
Paper Products Standard Paper
Coated Paper
Others Rubber

Kiss-Cutting Production Capabilities

Kiss Cutting can be used in conjunction with both rotary and flatbed die-cutting methods. Rotary die-cutting is ideal for larger product runs requiring a more precise cut, while flatbed die-cutting can be used for a wider range of materials. We can recommend one over the other depending on the nature of your product.

We can generally cut components that fit within the below specifications.

Category Rotary Flat Bed
Maximum Product Width 16 inches, we can slit down larger jumbos 40 inches
Maximum Product Thickness .125 inches, however, there is flexibility with different materials .5 inches, material dependent
Tolerance Level Can get down to ±0.005 inches ±0.010, material dependent
Maximum Production Capacity 40,000 units/hour (size dependent) 2,000 - 4,000 parts/hour (size dependent)
Average Lead Time 3 weeks 3 weeks

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Colvin Friedman’s Kiss Cutting Process

Die Cutting Process

We have a 99.99% On Time Production Delivery Rate

Our production process has been refined over decades of experience to deliver you only the highest quality and most precisely cut products. We take extensive care to control the depth of every cut and to exactly produce your desired product. Our steps to do so are outlined below.

Stage One - Consultation and Design

  • Consider design specifications including size, volume, and depth of cut required
  • Construct or modify a prototype design, if necessary, to maintain quality cuts of an appropriate depth throughout the production
  • Select the best material and die-cutting method for your product
  • Dies are made by experienced professionals, ensuring supreme precision in each cut

Our consultation process begins by examining the specifications of your kiss cutting project. We consider the size of your order and the end requirements for your product, then we select a die-cutting technique, material, and finishing that will allow us to cut your product with consistent and accurate depth as efficiently as possible. If necessary, we will then create a prototype, based on these specifications. Our dies are then created, following a final design approval, by some of the top die makers in the world to guarantee consistency and accuracy. We then develop a number of test products to ensure the quality of the design.

Stage Two - Testing and Refinement

  • Test products are evaluated for depth, dimension, tolerance levels, and fit and function tests are performed
  • May adjust designs to ensure the precision of kiss cutting process
  • Product may be tested by client to ensure satisfaction with design and depth of cut
  • Multiple iterations of the test product may be made to confirm precision of kiss cut production begins

The test products are assessed to confirm the accuracy of the kiss cutting process. With kiss cutting, we check their overall dimension, perform fit and function testing, and give extra attention to the tolerance levels and depth of our cuts in order to guarantee precision and accuracy. We will then make any necessary adjustments to the design to ensure the kiss cutting is up to the appropriate standard, and clients are invited to test the product themselves. Our technicians can produce multiple iterations of the product to confirm it will retain its quality across the kiss cut production.

Stage Three - Production and Scaling

  • Machines are equipped to kiss cut to your precise specifications
  • Expert technicians continually run the QMS (quality management system) throughout production, ensuring consistent quality and depth in each cut is maintained
  • Work closely with client to guarantee satisfactory precision and that all necessary deadlines are met

In the lead up to the full production, we are constantly employing our QMS (quality management system) to ensure the functionality and consistent depth of your product. Once all of our testing is completed, we equip our machines to fulfill your order, and we proceed to kiss cut the remainder of your production. We work closely with each client to make sure large orders meet production deadlines and that quality is not degraded.

First Steps

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