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Leading Provider of Industrial Die-Cutting

Colvin Friedman has been Providing High Volume Die-Cutting Services for Over 75 Years.

For the better part of the last century, Colvin Friedman has been providing top-quality die cutting services for a diverse array of industrial clients. No matter the scope of your company’s needs, we have the capability and experience to cut your components efficiently and accurately. You do not have to sacrifice quality for quantity.

High Volume Capabilities

With decades of experience producing components and parts for a variety of companies, we have fine-tuned our die cutting process to efficiently fulfill high volume orders and respond to the changing demands of high volume manufacturing. Our procedures are designed to meet your needs as effectively and economically as possible.

As demonstrated in the graph below, our capacity has continually grown by 5-10% over the past 20 years.

Die Cutting Production Volume

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Colvin Friedman is no stranger to high volume industrial die-cutting projects. We have produced tens of millions of units of each of the below products:

Thermal insulators for large-scale batteries
Durable medical goods
RFID shielding for electronic components
Impact-rated face shields
Fire barrier film for electrical components
Custom PPE shielding for full-face respirators

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Colvin Friedman cut 1 million face shields over a three-month period.

We Specialize in Thin Gauge Film and Sheet Plastics

Production Capability Overview

We have the machinery and expertise to cut a wide variety of components for your company. We specialize in both Rotary and Flatbed Die-Cutting. Rotary Die-Cutting is ideal for high volume orders in need of precise cuts where the material comes in roll form, while Flatbed Die-Cutting is perfect for high-volume orders requiring a wider variety of materials that cannot be rotary die cut. We are generally able to cut parts that fit within the parameters listed below.

Category Rotary Flat Bed
Maximum Product Width 16 inches, we can slit down larger jumbos 40 inches
Maximum Product Thickness .125 inches, however, there is flexibility with different materials .5 inches, material dependent
Tolerance Level Can get down to ±0.005 inches ±0.010, material dependent
Maximum Production Capacity 40,000 units/hour (size dependent) 2,000 - 4,000 parts/hour (size dependent)
Average Lead Time 3 weeks 3 weeks

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Components Regularly Cut at High Volumes

Industrial Die-Cutting is used for producing the necessary pieces and components that go into larger assemblies and systems. We have helped a broad range of industries in manufacturing the necessary parts for a wide variety of products. Some common examples are listed below.

Industry Components
Aerospace Seals and Gaskets
Electronics Touch Screen Components, Conductive Foils, Insulating Foams
Industrial Filtration Air, Water, and HVAC System Components
Medical Films, Medical Grade Foams
Electronics Insulators & RFID Shielding
Packaging Protective Packaging
Energy Internal Battery Components

Materials Used

Likewise, the density, thickness, and various other qualities of the materials must be considered in the industrial die-cutting process. Below are some of our most commonly cut materials for high volume, industrial orders.

Material Category Materials
Plastics Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
High & Low Density Polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE)
Polypropylene (PP)
High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
Metal Foils Aluminum Foil
Copper Foil
Paper Products Specialty Paper
Textiles Polyester
Wovens and nonwovens
Composite Materials Fiberglass
Carbon Fiber

Industrial Die Cuttting Best Practices

Category Best Practices Description
Planning and Pre-Production High Quality Materials Source best materials available for premium components
Detailed Organization for Large Productions Specify required time frame to keep larger orders on track and efficient
Testing and Adjustments Test and adjust die design if necessary for peak precision
CAD Utilize Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software to precisely design die
Die Construction Experienced Toolers Guarantee Top Quality Dies are created by experts
Quality Steel for Dies Dies are created with high grade steel for clean cuts and maximum durability
Milling and Heat Treatment Help ensure sharp and durable edges for the die
Produce Test Products Evaluate to ensure die and product's quality before the larger production
Project Execution Precise Calibrations Machines are automatically set to client’s specific requirements
Lubrication and Maintenance Prevent degradation or other errors by keeping machinery in shape throughout longer productions
Optimized Systems Use SCADA and PLC systems to enhance and automate the cutting process
Waste Management and Scrap Reclamation Systems Utilize where possible to avoid excess costs and ensure ROI

Our Process

Die Cutting Process

We have a 99.99% On Time Production Delivery Rate

Our process is meticulously designed to guarantee that your components are precisely cut to your specifications, and to ensure that the last cut is as high quality as the first, even with production volumes in the millions and tens of millions. Below we have outlined our steps to manufacture the highest quality component for your company.

Stage One - Consultation and Design

  • Examine design specifications including size, volume, and end use requirements
  • If necessary, create or tweak the prototype design to maintain quality cuts throughout the production
  • Identify the material and most cost-effective die cutting method for high volume
  • Professional die makers create the die custom to ensure perfect quality from the first cut to the last

Every consultation starts by thoroughly going through your company’s design specifications for your components. For industrial die-cutting, we consider the size of your order, taking extra steps to ensure quality across the higher volume production. We verify the end requirements for your product, as well as the die-cutting technique, material, and finishing that will allow us to cut your product as consistently and efficiently as possible. If necessary, we will then create a prototype, based on these specifications. Following approval of the final design, we create our dies, which are constructed by some of the top die makers in the world to guarantee consistency and accuracy across larger orders. We then develop a number of test products to ensure the design’s quality and precision.

Stage Two - Testing and Refinement

  • Test products are rigorously evaluated, performing dimension, tolerance, and fit and function tests
  • Designs may be adjusted to ensure the highest quality cut across high volume
  • Clients are invited to conduct their own tests on the component to guarantee functionality in their final product
  • Able to produce multiple versions of the test product to confirm fitness before the high volume production

Before we begin the larger, full length production, the test products are thoroughly evaluated, checking their overall dimension, as well as performing fit and function testing to verify they will perform effectively as a part of your end product. Additionally, we give extra attention to tolerance levels in larger orders to guarantee precision does not lessen over the course of bigger projects. To ensure the most precise and efficient cutting process, we will make any necessary adjustments to the design if a product is not up to the standard of your products. Clients are invited to test the product themselves and provide design feedback. Our expert team is able to produce multiple iterations of the product to confirm it will retain its quality across the high volume production.

Stage Three - Production and Scaling

  • Machines are equipped to cut to your precise specifications
  • Expert team continually runs QMS (quality management system) throughout long production process, ensuring consistent quality
  • We work closely with you to guarantee high volume orders meet all necessary deadlines

Throughout our approval process, we constantly employ our full QMS (quality management system) to ensure the functionality and consistent standard of your components. Following our tests, our machines are equipped to fulfill your order, and we proceed with the remainder of your production. We work closely with each client to make sure large orders meet production deadlines and that quality is not degraded, even in orders consisting of tens of millions of individual units.

Getting Started

If you have further questions about our industrial die-cutting process or capabilities, or would like to schedule a consultation, click the button or contact our vice president, Josh Rodman, via the number below.

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