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Custom Die Cutting Services

Colvin-Friedman Company is proud to announce the latest addition to our production capabilities. Partnering with industry leading equipment manufacturer Preco Industrial, Colvin-Friedman has outfitted our existing 2024 60 ton flatbed press with automated sheet fed, part knockout and waste collection systems. Bringing additional value to customers through increased throughput, tighter tolerances, and automated part collection, this new system elevates our production capabilities and keeps us on pace as an industry leading supplier.

Utilizing the new part collection system coupled with Preco’s existing coil fed press capabilities, we are able to process roll goods as well as thicker foams and substrates. This will aid in widening our product base, and open doors to new markets such as cosmetics, abrasives and hearing protection.

Custom Die Cutting Services

Our automated sheet feeder can process sheets up to 24” x 48”, in a wide range of thicknesses. This dramatically increases throughput by removing the burden of material placement on the operator. Combined with the Preco equipment, we can now service high tonnage, delicate work such as kiss cuts, stamping, and embossing, all at high production speeds and in thicker materials.

In addition to the many new features our system provides, this investment is in keeping with Colvin-Friedman’s initiative to be a green supplier. Allowing for automated scrap collection and segregation, our new process can easily gather and store scrap materials to be recycled. This helps in reducing the labor burden of recycling, aiding in keeping the costs of staying green low. We have partnered with many different plastic/resin scrap organizations all around the country, and have decreased our waste to landfill by over 60% in the last year. Our new scrap collection system is a reflection of our continued commitment to the environment.

Safety is paramount at Colvin-Friedman. As such, when the equipment was installed, we underwent voluntary training to ensure all operators were up to date with all best practice and safety information related to the new technology. Preco’s systems integrate many redundant safety features including Estops, interlocks, guarding and automatic shut offs. Our press operators are knowledgeable, tenured employees, and their safety and well-being are at the forefront of our corporate philosophy.

Die Cutting Services

At Colvin-Friedman we have a long standing track record of continual improvement. Key investments such as our recent Preco retrofit remain a source of differentiation, allowing us to produce products with better accuracy, quicker turn arounds, and less waste, all while remaining environmentally friendly. When calling on Colvin-Friedman for any of your custom die cutting requirements, you can feel confident in the fact that we are committed to being the best at what we do. We will continue to look for additional opportunities to add to our capabilities, and will continue to strive for excellence.

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