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Determining Proper Cutting Methods for Specific Applications

When it comes to commercial die cutting individuals, have two main options: rotary die cutting or flatbed die cutting. Both methods of cutting have pros and cons, which means that both types of cutting are not interchange. Making the correct choice can save money, time, and can also make a better product. As precision die cutter s, we will help you navigate the confusing world die cutting.

Die Cutting Services

Die cutting is one of the most successful processes for forming and shaping softer materials. This cutting process ensures high accuracy and quick cuts that are unmatched with other similar cutting processes.

Rotary die cutting offers high speeds, high accuracy, and high tolerance. Rotatory die cutting also provides users the benefits of multi-layered, intricate cuts. Rotary die cutters perform multiple functions within a single processing cycle. This type of die cutting also gives users the ability to cut, laminated, places, and registered all in a homogenous process. Flatbed die cutting losses motion while cutting, but that is not the case for rotary die cutting.

Flatbed die cutting uses a flat fixed based that utilizes a movable head. Dies are usually made from strips of metal that are commonly referred to as a steel rule. The rule is bent to shape and then embedded onto matching slots that are in plywood cutting boards. Depending on the need, dies can be mounted on the base or head. As machines go through cycles, hydraulic pressure is used to move press and make cuts. Many choose flatbed cutting because it can cut and kiss cut products. This method of cutting is ideal for shorter run orders.

Die Cutting Services

There are many benefits too but styles of cutting. We are a solutions-based business, meaning with configure cutting methods to best suit your specific needs. For professional die cutting services, please let us be your first call.

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