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Applications of Flatbed Die Cutting

Die cutting plastic requires the creation of custom dies that are used to cut finished shaped components from sheet plastic materials. Die cutting is typically a quicker and less expensive form of cutting plastic when compared to other cutting methods. Die cutting offers precision tolerance in cutting, which allows unique and intricate shapes to be cut and formed. Because of the versatility and cost benefits of die cutting, it is frequently used by automotive, electronics, home appliance, and telecommunications industries.

Die Cutting Service

At Colvin Freeman, we are dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients and solving their die cutting problems. We utilize a wide variety of sheet materials and die cutting methods to make custom requests possible.

To meet the requests of our clients, we commonly employ flatbed die cutting. It is an effective die cutting method that offers many benefits. Companies that utilize this type of cutting include packaging companies and gasket manufacturers. It is also used for labeling and printing. Flatbed die cutting offers various kinds of cutting capabilities.

Through cutting, which is commonly referred to as metal-to-metal die cutting, is a cutting method that allows dies to cut through the entirety of materials. This type of cutting goes through adhesives, multi-layered materials, and a backing material layer.

Scoring is a converting process that allows dies to leave an impression or a partial cut at designated stress points on stock materials. This is implemented when through cutting is not needed. Scoring allows for square profile folds.

Kiss cutting works best with adhesive lined materials. This type of cutting allows for materials to be cut without cutting the backing material. Final cut parts can easily have adhesive backing layers removed when needed.

Custom Die Cutting Service

If flatbed die cutting does not work for you, we also use a wide range of other cutting methods, like rotary die cutting. For more information on the die cutting of plastic, please give us a call today.

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