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Reasons Adhesives Fail

There are five main reasons that adhesives fail when working with die cutting. We define adhesive failure as substrates that are subjected to a break, load, or de-bonding as parts separate prematurely. Adhesive failure is not the same as cohesive failure. The adhesive version happens when an adhesive pulls away from one or both substrates without tearing or splitting. Cohesive failure has a physical separation of adhesive materials. Knowing the two types of adhesive failure allows individuals to understand the five main reasons why this problem occurs.

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  1. The main reasons this problem occurs is because of an inappropriate adhesive. When selecting adhesives, it is essential to make a few considerations, such as environment, substrates being joined, and how long the part will be in operation. Our team will help you make the best choices for adhesive backing.
  2. Environmental factors also play a significant role in the success of an adhesive. Unplanned and unexpected changes in the environment can potentially cause adhesives to fail. The worst elements are cold, heat, and moisture.
  3. Surface preparation is essential to stopping adhesive failure. Substrates must be clean and dry so that strong connections can be made. When dirt or moisture is between an adhesive and substrate, it is difficult for a robust hold to happen.
  4. Adhesives need to cure for them to work well. Time, air flow, and pressure used during application must be thoroughly considered. If requirements aren’t met, failure becomes possible.
  5. Lastly, an individual must worry about elastic and strength of the adhesive. Take the time to consider adhesion levels and flexibility. The amount of stress on joints must be considered.

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Our team of problem solvers will help ensure that your adhesive die cutting is reliable and meets specific demands. For more questions about rotary die cutting or die cutting service, please give us a call.

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