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The details of a specific job determine whether solid or flexible rotary dies are more appropriate for die cutting. Die cutting Service,Custom Die cuttingThe best way to assess cutting methods is to notice details during the converting process. The best way to come to terms with a die cutting process is to reach out for professional die cutting services. Our talented team can help you to convert parts into a die cutting process that is unique to your specific needs.

Choosing between solid and flexible dies can be confusing. Both dies are cylindrical, but they operate in different ways. A flexible die is constructed of thin sheet materials that are folded around magnetic cylinders. A solid die is a steel version, and it is commonly used for long-run applications.

How does one choose between the two?

Most materials can be processed using flexible dies (paper, film, and pressure sensitive labels), but that does not mean that flex die can always be used.

Solid dies can work quickly while also having a longer lifespan. Solid dies can handle high-levels of scrape removal and are superior at material handling. These dies are more expensive than flex dies.

Rotary Die Cutting

Call our team to talk through your requirements and needs. Let our team help build a custom die cutting plan for you. Contact our die cutting service for all your custom die cutting solutions.

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