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Different Die Cutting Operations

By utilizing different die cutting operations, we can produce unique parts and final products that meet our client’s exact standards. Versatility in the fabrication process is one of the significant advantages of die cutting, and that is also why it is frequently used by many different industries. It is possible for us to use a single die to perform multiple operations. Custom Die CuttingWe do custom die cutting, which means that specialized dies are created for specialty projects. We provide many die cutting operations, which include:

  • Bending is a process that deforms the base of a material using the pressure of a die. For products that require a 90°, bracket design, a die will descend while also curving the length of the material into a right angle.
  • Blanking allows us to cut flat materials by trimming outer edges. This type of cutting is known to create precise degrees of flatness because the die uniformly compresses materials.
  • Coining refers to a stamping procedure that punches circular holes through different materials. Cuts are made using pressurized force clamping. The process is used when highly intricate and precise results are desired.
  • Curling dies roll and bend materials into desired curved shapes. This type of die cutting is frequently used to create door hinges. It can also be used to remove the sharp edges found on sheet metal.
  • Extrusion cutting applies much pressure to move materials between the punch and the extrusion die. Materials cut this way will take on the characteristics of the die instead of the features of the punch and die combination.

Rotary Die Cutting

We can help you solve your die cutting problems. For commercial rotary die cutting, please give us a call.

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