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Have you ever wondered how a small, intricate item was created? Chances are that it is the product of a die cutting machine. A die is an industrial tool that is used in most manufacturing industries to shape and design material. Similar to a mold, dies are customized to create a particular item. Custom die cutting services can create almost anything. Each die set is made with a series of components that help to produce goods.

Custom Die Cutting

Every component in the die set is important and plays a particular role. The main components used by custom die cutting services as follows:

Die Block: The die block is one of the most important sections of the die set because it the main body that all the other parts are attached too.

Punch Plate: The punch plate is the section of the die set that supports the different punches in place.

Black Punch and Pierce Punch: The blank punch and pierce punch work together to perform a specific function. The Blank die produces the blank part and the pierce punch is responsible for removing different parts from the finished blanked part.

Guide: The guide, also known as the back gauge and finger strip are used to ensure that the material remains in the same position within the die.

Shank: The shank is purposed with holding in the presses. All shanks are aligned at the center of gravity within the plate.

In addition to different components, there are varying processes that go along with die cutting. Below is a small sample of die cutting processes used on a daily basis.

Blanking: Blanking die can fashion a flat piece of material by cutting shapes in one swift operation. All items that are created through the pieces of blanking are known as a blank. Most blanks are only performed on the outside contour of a material or part. A fine tuned and sharpened die is able to produce an accurate, attractive, and flat product.

Broaching: Broaching defined as the process of ridding material with the uses of cutting teeth. Each cutting tooth is used to remove material from parts that are too thick.

Bulging: Bulging dies grow the circumference of a closed tube. This is done with expanding plastic, water or oil that grows the part.

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For more information of die cutting, contact a local custom die cutting service in the area.

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