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Not All Die Cutting Is The Same.

Those that need a series of pieces to be cut from flexible materials, like gaskets, spacers, or pads, have several options; however, out of all possibilities, die cutting is amongst the most popular. Die cutting services offer high-quality parts and final pieces that are unique, perfect, and made quickly. Die cutting is considered a fabrication process that cuts shapes from materials like paper, foam, plastic, and rubber. Die cutting allows for accurate cuts, which ensures final products meet the highest of standards. Custom Die CuttingDie cutting is a reliable and economical manufacturing process.
Die cutters usually employee one of two types of cutting: flatbed die cutting and rotary die cutting. Both types of die cutting have many similarities, but they have enough differences to make one better than the other for different desired outcomes.
There are four reasons why we would use flatbed die cutting:

  1. For processing thicker materials
  2. For materials that only come in sheets
  3. For orders that are relatively small
  4. For those that require a more cost-effective option
Flatbed dies stamp out each piece with the help of a hydraulic press and a steel rule die. Raw materials are fed along the base of the press while dies are pushed down and up to make cuts. The vertical motion of flatbed cutting allows for thicker materials than rotary die cutting.
Rotary die cutting is frequently used when:
  • Material is thin
  • Order quantities are larger
  • Orders need extra kiss cutting process
  • Designs have tight tolerances

Raw materials are fed into two rolling cylinders at high speeds. Shapes are cut on the rolling dies allowing for accuracy and high tolerance — this method of cutting wastes fewer materials.

Custom Die Cutting

If you need assistance deciding which type of die cutting is best for your application, don’t wait to reach out to our team. We are experts in custom die cutting.

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