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Die cutting is a manufacturing process designed to convert sheet materials by shearing, forming, and cutting custom designs and shapes. This cutting process is highly customizable and versatile, which means the method is perfect for use with a wide range of materials and manufacturing applications. Die cutting services frequently cut labels, gaskets, and heat shields.

Rotary Die Cutting Service

Die cutting can be further broken down into different categories, such as flatbed, laser, and rotary. Each type is defined by the type of die used for the cutting process. Distinct advantages and disadvantages are experienced when using the different types of die cutting services available. Of all the types of cutting used, rotary die cutting is amongst the most popular.

Rotary die cutting has four capabilities:

Rotary die cutting is an assembly process that is suitable for creating simple and multi-layered parts.

Perforating is a type of die cutting that makes a series of punched-in holes. Final products are not entirely separated from webbing, but they are easily detached at the perforated lines.

Metal-to-metal die cutting is best implemented for multi and lined-layered materials. This cutting cuts through entire materials, including the face, backing material, and adhesive.

Kiss cutting is used for lined materials. The process cuts through the adhesive and face layers but leaves the backing material intact. Designs are not removed from web materials, although the intact backing layer is easily removed.

Rotary Die Cutting Service

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