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Understanding the Die Cutting Process

Die Cutting is an efficient commercial cutting method. The process involves custom shaped dies that are used to cut and shape sheet materials (Fabric, PSA, Paper, Plastic). When compared to other forms of cutting, die cutting is economical and quick. At Colvin Friedman, we are known for our precision tolerances in die cutting. We can help you create any custom die cut part. We develop different parts for a wide range of businesses and industries, which include, medical, automotive, consumer electronics, and more. Commonly cut parts include gaskets, spaces, and pull-tabs.

Custom Die Cutting

The process begins with custom designing dies to cut and shape. After the die cutting machine has been up, the process can indeed start. The feeder/loading system will transport materials into the device. Next, the in-feeder takes control of each sheet to orient it. The platen sections are where shaping and cutting happens. Here, the die and the cutting plate are brought together. After that, the part will move to the stripping section where excess parts will be cleaned away. Finally, there is the blank separation section, and then the final product is ready for delivery.

Custom Die Cutting

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