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Different Die Cutting Methods

Die cutting allows for versatility while fabricating parts. With a single operation, manufacturers can perform multiple operations. This is a result of interchangeable dies. Each die is created for a specialized project, and they have the ability to complete different functions. Die cutting machines can:

Rotary Die CuttingBend- this action deforms base materials with pressure from a die. This method would allow for an L bracket design without having to joining two separate materials.

Blank- this process trims flat materials from exterior edges. This process allows manufactures to control uniform flatness of final products.

Broach- broaching is a great technique for thick/hard to cut materials. These dies have rows of large teeth that trim materials.

Coin- coining is similar to stamping, in that the die is used to punch uniform holes in sheet materials. The cuts use pressure to punch the die.

Cut Off- a cut off die is used at the end of the die cutting process because it trims away any excess material from finished products. The same die can be used to help make materials ready for further machining or tooling.

The versatility of die cutting allows for amazing products to be made with ease and efficiency.

Rotary Die Cutting