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Die Cutting is Quick and Cost Effective

Custom Die Cutting ServiceDie cutting allows for companies to easily mass-produce products or parts. Although the processes of die cutting and injection molding are rather different, they both seek to complete a similar goal. The main differences between the two shaping processes are cost and speed. If you are in the market for a single, small batch of products, injection molding is more cost effective; however, if you plan on running the same part or product over and over again, your best bet, without a doubt, is die cutting.

The speed and ease of die cutting are partially dependent on the fact that die cutting machines can create a shape in a single punch. Industrial machines are able to cut multiple identical shapes simultaneously. Speedy cuts are also possible because of the automated abilities of machines. Being able to feed materials, cut/process materials, and finally stack them, greatly reduces turnaround time for projects.

Die cutting machines produce high quality, uniform products quickly, and they also boast a lower tooling cost than injection molding. The lowered tooling cost is significant, and it is one of the main reasons to choose die cutting over other forms of molding.

Custom Die Cutting

If you know that you have to mass-produce a product at a low cost, you should strongly consider Colvin Friedman and our die cutting services.

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