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Male and Female Components of Stamping

A die set is made up of male and female components, which becomes the tools used in the stamping process. Male-Female stamping is also sometimes referred to as matched metal tooling. The male and female part, working in opposition, form punch holes in stock materials. The male or female die can be attached to either the upper half or lower half, although each half serves a special purpose. Custom Die CuttingThe upper die set will be mounted on a press ram, and this is the part that delivers the stroke action. The lower die set is secured on the press bed, which houses the bolster plate. Using guide pins, die cutting companies are able to guarantee upper and lower alignments will be accurate.

Custom Die Cutting

Although dies can perform a multitude of different tasks, the two most popular are cutting and forming. There is also the possibility for drawing, bending, flanging, and hemming. Professional die cutters will utilize different dies and forming methods in order to create a single unique product. Coming up with a custom die cutting process is best left to professionals in the field who build and use die cutting machines and components.

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