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Picking Proper Materials

Die cutting machines are able to process many different types of materials, which allows for wide versatility in production. Most who come to Colvin Friedman have blue prints for specific parts/products they want to make, and these blueprints usually include material types. For those who are unsure about the best materials to use, please contact us today to have a detailed conversation about your wants and the pros/cons of different materials. At Colvin Friedman, we can process plastics, papers, pressure sensitive adhesives, and even fabrics.

Rotary Die CuttingWe process many different types of plastic, and we can also help you to determine which type of plastic will work best for you and your products. For instance, polyethylene terephthalate works best when creating clothing fibers and containers for food and liquids, where as acetate (which is made from wood pulp) is better suited for work with lens and optical applications. Even if you think you know what plastic is best, it doesn't hurt to have a conversation that allows you to make sure.

The trained engineers at Colvin Friedman know the ins and outs of material characteristics, so let us help you create perfectly die cut products. Whether you plan on using paper, plastic, PSA, or fabrics, talk to professionals first.

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