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Custom die cutting is used throughout different printing and industrial industries. At our manufacturing plant, we operate modern, high-speed machines that are incredibly precise (even when mass producing items). We have all the proper tools to create and utilize many different types of dies and cutting procedures. This includes high-speed platen, flat bed die cutting equipment, and traveling heads. Kiss-cutting, scoring, and perforating are all possibilities as well. We work with non-metallic (fiberboard, plastic, and paper) and metallic materials.

custom die cutting service

Not only do we acquire and use the newest and best machinery, we also make it a point to find and hire the best and the brightest. Each one of our technicians are thoroughly trained and educated. They know the ins and outs of each machine, which allows for flawless products to be produced quickly. Even our customer service representatives are trained to know the difference between machines, so anytime you call you will be speaking with a trained professional who can assist you completely. Sometimes it is difficult to come to terms with what you need, and so our customer service representatives are standing by to help figure out a course of action that will lead to success for your business/company.

We are able help from beginning to end. This means that we can help plan the project (materials, sizes, types of dies, and types of cuts). Not only can we help plan but also we can create fully finished products that are ready to ship. You do not have to call two or three companies to get perfectly die cut materials. You can simply call us.

Regardless of the need, die cutting could be the answer for your company. We help companies who only need a single, small run of an item, and we also help companies who repeatedly use our service for rather large orders. Whether is a large or small amount of goods needed, you can call us for answers.

Some of our past projects include:

  • The foil stamping of paint cards
  • Making/creating product packaging
  • Collating and packaging of drawer inserts

Custom die cutting

For more information, please give us a call today. Knowing the nuances of the die cutting industry could be overwhelming, and for most people the need for that knowledge is unnecessary. Contacting a professional in the field will help to ensure that your get the best die cut products available on the market.

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