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Kiss Cutting can Save Time and Energy

Consider the time and effort that someone must put in when using your product. If you could simplify the product and process, wouldn't you want to provide that to your customers? Die cut products are sometimes small, which would make pulling a liner from an adhesive back time-consuming and difficult. Die cutting companies in California can help to make removing backs easy. The simple solution is kiss cutting.

Kiss cutting cuts the PSA while the liner remains intact. The method of cutting is similar to die cutting, but the main difference is how the die is set. For kiss cutting, the die is set to prevent the cut from going past the liner. The process of kiss cutting provides many benefits to its users.

Firstly, kiss cutting makes a noticeable difference in a user's ability to efficiently use final products. As mentioned above, this cutting method allows for adhesive backs to be removed easily by the user. This is because the flap is easier to grasp and because it gives a stable place to pull from.

Another advantage of kiss cutting is the ability of the final parts to be simply packaged. Kiss cut parts can easily be rolled on the continuous liner. This provides clean and quick packaging.

Making products that work and are easy to use will help you sell more products. If you are die cutting plastic parts with adhesive backs, consider utilizing kiss cutting. Speak to a local die cutting company in California about all your options.

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