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Die Cutting and Telecommunications

Each passing year, more and more telecommunications technology is unleashed on the world. Tablets, smartphones, and computers are used virtually throughout the whole world every single day. The technological devices that we use for work and pleasure are made with the help of die cut part and components. Custom die cutting can fit most any needs through cutting, shaping, stamping, and bending materials, and this is even the case for the telecommunications industry.

Some common jobs include:

Rotary Die CuttingDie cutting custom shapes for faceplates, which will be used for landline phones. This is the thin, plastic cutout that sometimes shows numbers, or simply just gives the phone color and character.

It is possible to die cut foam parts that are used to dampen unwanted sounds in phone headsets. Currently, dampeners are mostly used to correct the echo sound created by the cavity.

Die cutting foam to fit in the base of ink jet printers helps those machines to catch and retain ink that has dripped or leaked. Although not noticed by most people using the device, the die cut piece works at preventing terrible messes.

Cell phones and smartphones are usually built with some form of custom cut PSA. The adhesive helps to keep layers connected while also lessening the space between the two materials.

Utilizing plastic cutting services can help your company produce better and less expensive parts and products.

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