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What is Compound Die Cutting?

The more you know about die cutting, the more accurately you will be able to assist a die cutting professional who is creating custom quality dies. No project is ever the same, despite similarities, and so it is not possible to apply a one-size-fits-all die cutting process. Having a basic level of knowledge of quality die cutting will allow you to ask the right questions when speaking with die cutting professionals. As a way to start the flow of knowledge, below we will go over the basics of what a compound die is.

Die Cutting ServicesBy combining steel rule components and matched metals, it is possible to create compound dies. Working in conjunction with each other, the matched metal components cut detailed internal shapes, whereas the steel rule cuts the outside perimeter (less detailed parts of shape). The final compound die is used in a press, which will be used to create a high volume of a specific product. The compound die can be utilized for an extended run.

Compound dies can perform multiple operations in a single operation. The die can cut the outside form while simultaneously piercing the inner form. Finished cut products will be completed in the press.  There is no need to cut the piece twice (to remove excess slug). No manual inspection is necessary.

Compound dies are built using both male and female components. The female component is mounted on the lower shoe, while the male component is located on the upper shoe. The press brings the two parts together, which is rather similar to a traditional steel rule die.

To find out more information regarding the difference between compound dies and steel rules dies, please give us a call today.  We know about quality die cutting.

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