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How to Find The Right Die Cutting Service

Die cutting uses specially created dies that are able to cut and/or shape many materials via either rotary die cutting or flatbed die cutting. Steel rule dies are created with sophisticated lasers and rotary tooling is created through the process of wire EDM. If you are looking for a company who can produce high quality products it is essential that they start with exceptional tooling, employ state of the art equipment, have multiple types of die cutting available and employ statistical quality control techniques. Do not be afraid to ask a company about this.

The type of materials you are cutting is very important when choosing the right company to get your work done. Each die cutting vendor that you contact will have specific core competencies. Be sure that they have prior experience with your material and the proper die cutting equipment to most efficiently process that substrate. Here at Colvin-Friedman we have 70 years of experience with almost all materials and an unrivaled selection of production techniques.

Die Cutting ServiceUse the Internet to find information. The search engines will locate the web sites for many die cutting companies. Be very specific with your search terms. For instance, if you are die cutting plastic or you need any other type of custom die cutting be sure to be as specific as possible. You can then check out company web sites to begin the process of locating a good fit for your specific project. Ask about the types of equipment available, familiarity with your material, ability to handle your volumes, design assistance if required, quality control system and years of experience. A fancy website alone is no indication of the quality of the custom die cutting you will receive.

Custom Die Cut Prts

Once you have evaluated all of these factors you will be well on your way to selecting the best vendor to partner with. We know if you speak with us about your project our experience, professionalism and capabilities will convince you that we are that partner.

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