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Pressure-sensitive adhesives, also known as PSAs, contain an adhesive component that imparts properties to support joining and fastening. Rotary die cutting servicesDifferent types of adhesives exist, and it is essential for manufacturers to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds. Our team can help you make the correct choice for your specific application. Learning about peel adhesion, shearing, and tacking can also help you to make smart decisions about PSAs.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are broken down into four main categories that include:

Natural rubber: this PSA has good initial adhesion properties, while also having a high peel strength. They are typically used for indoor applications that have a lower surface energy substrate.

Synthetic rubber: this type has a better heat-aging property when compared to natural rubber. This PSA is very versatile and can be formulated to offer aggressive tack and peel strength.

Acrylic: this type is made from synthetic resins, and that makes them inherently tacky. They provide manufacturers with more consistent heat and oxygen resistance than rubber-based variants. They work well at low temperature, and they also resist moisture and weather. Excellent clarity and strong color stability are also possible with acrylic PSAs. Lastly, they are less expensive than silicone PSAs.

Silicone: this PSA is made of synthetic elastomers, which can provide high-temperature resistance. They also adhere to low-energy substrates. Silicone PSA resists chemicals and solvents. It also resists moisture, outgassing, and UV radiation. This type of PSA is widely recognized as the most expensive on the market.

Custom Die Cutting

For more information on die cutting PSA materials, let us be your first call. We provide custom die cutting solutions for all needs.

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