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Versatility of Die Cutting

Custom die cutting fulfills the needs of different businesses across a wide range of industries. The wide variety of industries requires precision cutting to ensure that products and applications work correctly. Consider the various industries that implement die cutting into the production process, and you will see the broad applicability of plastic die cutting.

Many everyday, household appliances are made using die-cut materials. If you were to take apart an oven, a microwave, or a dishwasher, you would find die cut materials made of elastomers, foams, acoustic insulation, and plastic. The die cut parts are not advertised, and they are not noticeable when using machines, but the die-cut parts substantially affect function and durability.

Devices employed in the medical industry use die cut plastics as a way to ensure high functionality. Double-sided cut adhesives are used to attach parts to existing medical equipment. Die cut products are used for:

  1. Pharmaceutical and drug delivery
  2. Medical devices
  3. Wound and ostomy care
  4. Diagnostics
  5. Medical packaging
  6. Patient monitoring

Die cut parts are also used by retail, automotive, telecommunications, electronics, aerospace, and transportation companies.

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