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Choosing a Rotary Die Cutting Process

Care and consideration are necessary when determining the kind of rotary die cutting a company uses. Several of the factors include material selection, costs, and manufacturing specifications. Of all the types of dies used, the two most common types are flexible and rotary die cutting.

rotary die  cutting

A flexible die is constructed with thin sheets of an engraved metal that are wrapped around a cylinder. Although flexible dies are strong enough to cut through most materials, it is not the only method of cutting. It is essential to consider other options before committing to a single die cutting process.

Flexible dies use thin sheet metals to cover a cylinder, which makes them easy and inexpensive to create. As a result of the way they are constructed, they tend to break and need replacing more frequently than other dies. This problem can potentially extend the rate of production.

Solid dies are constructed as a single piece, and so they are durable and robust. These dies can be made from more materials than a flexible die. A solid die can handle more abrasive materials and more significant pressure than a flexible die. It is common to use these types of dies for high-run productions.

Choosing which type of die to use for production can be difficult. Manufacturers should not rush into cutting without weighing all the pros and cons. For the best die cutting services around, please do not hesitate to give our team a call!

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