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Design notes for Custom Die Cut Parts

Designing new plastic die cut parts needs to be done slowly and with great consideration. You must always keep in mind what the impact of your design will have on the manufacturing process. die cut partsIt is possible for part dimensions to change the method in which cutting is possible. This can significantly affect the total cost of parts and production. Below, you will find some tips for best practices of designing pieces.


  1. Holes must be located at least two material thicknesses from the outer edge of the piece. This must be done to avoid bulging or tearing during fabrication and handling.
  2. Use an oblong hole instead of a series of holes (only when possible).

Slots and Corners:

  1. A minimum of two material thicknesses must be used between the slots (or similar features).
  2. When using square corners or straight exterior edges, it enables common ruling for the die. This will lower production cost and increase output.

Odd Shapes:

  1. Different shaped can be constructed by bending the steel rule into desired shapes. When doing this, the minimum specified radius should be roughly .031”.
  2. Although not always possible, try to avoid internal corners that are square. These types of corners are more prone to splitting and material cracking.

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