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Learning About Rotary Die Cutting

Die cutting is known as a fabrication process that is used to convert sheet materials by forming, cutting, and shearing. Materials are turned into custom shapes and designs. This type of cutting is rather versatile and offers users a great deal of customization. The die cutting is suitable for a wide array of sheet materials. Heat shields, stickers, and gaskets are commonly made using die cutting processes.

Rotary Die Cutting

To add extra versatility to the cutting process, several cutting methods are employed. The most standard die cutting methods include laser, flatbed, and rotary die cutting. Each way of cutting is different, and each has its benefits. Flatbed die cutting uses a flatbed die and a press. Laser cutting uses high-speed laser cutting machines. Lastly, rotary die cutting uses a cylindrical rotary and a flexible rotary dies.

Of all the die cutting processes, rotary die cutting is amongst the most commonly used. This is because rotary die cutting machines run smoothly while operating at optimum capacity. There are many other benefits of rotary die cutting, which include:

  • Uniform and consistent precision cuts are possible with rotary die cutting.
  • High-speed and long run products are possible with this cutting.
  • Rotary die cutting dramatically decreases the amount of needed lead time.

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