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Understanding Different Types of Die Cutting

How does a person know if they are choosing the right rotary die cutting method for their specific need? When it comes to converting, the devil is in the details, which means that engineers must choose between solid and flexible rotary dies. Having insight between the differences will allow you to have a better conversation with our engineers.

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Die cutting is an industrial application that involves dies to cut specific shapes out of webbed materials. We cut sheet material like paper, foil, plastic, fiberboard, and cloth. The material decided upon is a significant factor in determining the die used. Industrial die cutting services typically use two types of die—flatbed and rotary.

Flexible dies are made from thin sheets of steel and are used to wrap a magnetic cylinder.
Solid dies are made from solid steel cylinders, and they are commonly used in long-run applications because of its durability and extended life.

When it comes to deciding between the two above types, there are several considerations to be made. Both dies can work on most of the same materials, but flexible dies can cut more materials than solid dies. When you use our die cutting services, you will never be making this complicated decision alone.

We use flexible dies because of the advantages that include:

  • Cuts most materials
  • Dies are durable
  • Less expensive than solid dies
  • Created and delivered quickly

We use solid dies because:

  • Superior at handing materials and scrape removal
  • Dies are durable
  • More flexible

If you have any other inquiries regarding setting up a die cutting project, you should not hesitate to give us a call.

Die Cutting Servers