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What is Steel Rule Die Cutting and Why do People Use It?

There are different ways to die cut sheet materials, and each style offers benefits and flaws. We work with each of our clients to create custom die cutting services for exact needs. Depending on what type of cutting needs to be done, we will choose between different die cutting methods. The most common type of die cutting we perform is steel rule die cutting. Simply put, this type of cutting is cost-effective and efficient with its cuts. It also works with materials like foam, paper, foil, film, and adhesive-coated materials.

Custom Die Cutting

A basic steel rule die contains a steel rule cutting blade, a die board, and rubber or foam for ejection. Steel cutting rules must be bent into shape by machine, hand, or a combination of the two. After, it is inserted into a slot that was previously prepared. Foam and rubber are used to help get cut parts away from the die. Our team will ensure you pick the right ejection material to help with the overall accuracy of the die and cutting. We know custom die cutting.

Steel die cutting is considered a material displacement cutting method. These dies cut in a similar way to cookie cutters, in that both use cutters to press through and cut desired shapes in materials (cookie dough or paper). With the die, the sharp edges of the steel rule cut through the surface of the material, but it then pushes materials apart to displace the material from the cutting edge. This is how final parts fracture and separate from the sheet.

Consider using steel rule die cutting because it is:

  • Repeatable and accurate
  • Strong edge quality
  • Fast
  • Able to nest
  • Economical
  • Able to kiss cut
  • Offers material flexibility

Custom Die Cutting

For more information on utilizing our die cutting services, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.


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