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Benefits of Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting is a vital manufacturing process that provides converted adhesive tape solutions. During this cutting process, perimeters for each piece is evenly stamped out with a sharp metal die. What makes kiss cutting unique is that when it cuts, it does not fully penetrate the piece’s backing material. It is called kiss cutting because it is like the blade is gently kissing the sheet material. Dies typically cut through the entire materials, but that is not the case for kiss cutting.

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We proudly offer kiss-cutting and other die cutting services. Our custom die cutting services ensures that we create cutting solutions designed for your cutting needs.

The main reason manufacturers use kiss cutting is to ensure that one or more adhesive materials remain on the liner sheet or the roll. They stay there until users are ready to remove them. Think about removing the backing of a sticker when picturing kiss-cutting. This type of custom die cutting offers a tremendous amount of variety, meaning that it can produce adhesive materials in almost any configuration or shape.

Although stickers might be the most common image of kiss cutting, there are many different applications for the cutting method. The industrial, automotive, and packaging industry greatly rely on this type of custom die cutting. Kiss cutting helps to create seals, pressure relief valves, acoustic insulation, and filters.

Kiss-cutting is not right for all cutting applications. To find out more information about what die cutting services would be best for your needs, you should give our team a call today.

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