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Choosing Rotary Die Cutting over Laser Cutting

When it comes to commercial die cutting options, there are several logical choices on the market. Amongst the two most popular methods available is rotary die cutting and laser die cutting. Both options provide different levels of precision and durability, cost, and run speed, so it is essential to make the correct decision before making cuts. Let’s take a moment to go over the differences, pros/cons, and costs of both cutting methods.

Rotary Die Cutting

There is no blanket answer to which method of cutting should be used. Each project and company’s needs determines which method of cutting is best.

Laser die cutting uses high-speed lasers to cut through substrates. A laser can make a wide array of intricate cuts without contacting materials. Although the laser can make specialized cuts, using lasers is slow and costly. Although prototypes can be made quickly, long-run productions are generally slower than rotary cutting.

Beyond being high speed and low cost, rotary die cutting can handle big runs on difficult to cut materials. Lasers tend to struggle with certain materials, whereas rotary cutting maintains high speeds through any substrate. Laser cutting speeds up and slows down dependent upon the material it is cutting.

You can rely on our die cutting services to meet your business’ high standards.

Rotary Die Cutting

We also offer other die cutting methods to meet the demanding and unique needs of our clients. Call us for more information on our flat-bed die cutting, male-female stamping, converting, and packaging.

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