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Is Rotary Die Cutting Right for You?

There is a reason so many manufacturers use rotary die cutting. The benefits found from utilizing this cutting method is clear and strong. When compared to other similar types of cutting, rotary die cutting is considered one of the strongest. The benefits of this type of die cutting include:

  • High production volumes
  • Rapid Turnaround times
  • Reduced wasting of cutting materials
  • Uniform and consistent cutting
  • Decreased lead times
  • Able to cut a wide range of designs

Rotary die cutting services are quick and affordable. Designs are engraved onto the die, which makes cutting easily repeatable. The downtime of cutting is further reduced because parts are easily changed out.

Some of the capabilities of rotary die cutting include:

  • Kiss cutting: dies cut through the face of lined materials without cutting through the backing.
  • Perforating: materials are kept in place on webbed materials through a series of punched-in holes. Designers are not separated from the material, but they can be easily detached.

Although there are many benefits found with rotary die cutting services, it is not the only cutting method. When comparing rotary die cutting with flatbed die cutting, users will find that there are limitations with rotary cutting.

Rotary dies have a higher tooling cost, a smaller maximum material size, and a smaller maximum tonnage pressure, when compared to flatbed die cutting. For more information on the cutting process and which one is right, you should call us today for world-class die cutting services.

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