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Rotary die cutting machines pass uncut materials through cylindrical anvils and cutting tools. Both the cylinders and web material operate at the same speed. To ensure high quality for all our parts, we closely monitor the condition of all cutting unit components. This ensures that all areas of the machine are in perfect working order before and during the cutting process. For instance, continual use wears on bearer rings, which could potentially alter the cylinder. If this happens, it will not be possible to get accurate cuts. Different methods have varied elements, and so it is important that we customize jobs to guarantee perfect conditions.

Die Cutting Services

When label cutting is the desired result of rotary die cutting, the gap becomes a particularly valuable tool. The height of the gap must be at a precise distance from the material being cut. Europe has a standard gap distance of 480 μm or 0.480 mm, where as North America commonly uses 483 μm or 0.483 mm. Gaps can change height over time as a result of heavy or prolonged use, and so we closely monitor components of machines to ensure satisfactory cutting results. If the gap is too wide, the cuts will be too light. If the gap gets smaller, cutting will go through the material. We regularly check and measure gaps and cutting components to provide all our customers the highest quality custom die cutting

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