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Coming up with a die cutting plan is not easy without the help of trained professionals. Many different factors must be determined before manufacturing can begin, and this includes determining between flexible and solid plastic rotary die cutting. The cutting choice plays a significant role in the effectiveness of the formation process.
Both solid and flexible dies perform cutting motions, and both are made in a cylindrical shape.

  • Solid Die: a cylinder made of solid steel that is used when processing long run applications. These dies have a longer lifespan than their flexible counterpart.
  • Flexible Die: a magnetic cylinder that has thin sheets of steel folded around it.

Both dies can process almost the same amount of material. This includes paper, through-cut parts, pressure sensitive labels, and films. Although the two dies have similarities, they each provide different solutions for users. Depending on what you are producing, we can help you determine the best way to use rotary die cutting.
Advantages of both dies include,

Flexible dies:

  • Are less expensive to produce and to ship
  • Are produced and shipped quickly
  • Require little storage and floor space

Solid dies:

  • Are better for material handling and scrap removal
  • Can convert more materials
  • Are more durable

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Die Cutting Services