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Understanding the Basic Differences Between Flatbed and Rotary Die Cutting

Die Cutting ServicesWhen developing new products, you will not want to spend your time determining the best method of die cutting. There are several factors to consider when cutting including, speed, pressure, and cut type. Our engineers can help you quickly create and complete your entire precise die cutting needs. One of the biggest decisions to make prior beginning to cut is deciding on a specific cutting style. The two most commonly used cutting styles are rotary die cutting, and flatbed die cutting. Knowing the fundamental differences between the two can help you ask our engineers specific questions about cutting.

Flatbed die cutting: the cutting machines use a flat and fixed base combined with a movable head. The cutting tool is created with sharp metal strips (steel rule) that are bent into shapes that match cutting profiles. Flatbed cutting is ideal when working with thick materials. The mouth can open wide to process materials that are too thick for a rotary machine. Flatbed cutting is usually done for short run parts, as well as processing materials that can only be purchased in sheet form.

Rotary die cutting: rotary cutting is ideal when quick turn around times are needed. This style of cutting is fast, has a high tolerance, and is also highly accurate. Rotary cutting is also known to be able to produce more complex and multi-layered parts, and this is because the die can perform multiple functions all within a single cycle.

Die Cutting Services

Implementing the correct die cutting process is best left to precision die cutting experts, like us at Colvin Friedman. We can help design, process, and to ship high quality die cut parts and final products.

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